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The Zaragoza - Nagai duo was born at the National Music Conservatory of Paris thanks to the meeting of two young musicians passionate about chamber music. The versatility of this formation has allowed them to develop a very extensive repertoire that includes transcriptions, original repertoire and especially the new creation. Their interest in developing the repertoire of this ensemble and in actively participating in the evolution of current musical trends has led them to work with first class composers such as Orlando Bass, Vincent David or Luis Naón among others. This work has allowed them to develop a large number of concerts, highlighting their frequent participation in the European festival of young talents in Paris, the Manuel de Falla Auditorium in Granada, the Petit Palais in Paris or the Cité Internationale among others.

Recently, they have recorded their first Album Five Verses at the Manuel de Falla Auditorium in Granada, under the IBS Classical label. This CD is the culmination of a personal and artistic search of various arts, in particular music and poetry, in which thanks to this binomial the musicians freely express their feelings and artistic concerns. Consisting of original works, transcriptions and creations, this project perfectly reflects the DNA of the two performers, as well as the most recent developments in the idiomatic repertoire for saxophone.

duo zaragoza nagai
gaman ensemble


Taking innovation as their main pillar, they share the ideal of thrilling their audience by bringing them a wide range of sensations and emotions, while developing the repertoire of this versatile group. Their eagerness to update the musical panorama involves the collaboration with contemporary composers, such as Félix Ibarrondo, Fuminori Tanada, Oriol Saladrigues, Thierry Escaich or Orlando Bass.

They develop an intense concert activity, which is in a constant progression, performing assiduously on international territory. Their participation in the Festival de France Musique Occitane Montpellier, Radio France, the European Festival of Young Talents, in the Festival of Young Soloists of Breuillet, in the National Center of Art and Culture Georges Pompidou of Paris and in the Odéon of Tremblay-en-France, have been specially emphasized, as much by the public, as by the journalistic critic. They also won the 3rd prize and the prize for the best interpretation of a piece by a Spanish composer in the IX International Competition "Antón García Abril" in 2021.

Gaman Ensemble is the image of JLV Sound. Its members are: Jesús Reneses (soprano saxophone), Carlos Zaragoza (alto saxophone), Daniel Sánchez (tenor saxophone) and Luis María González (baritone saxophone).

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