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Five Verses

"Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and sensitive souls."


On this album, Five verses, we find five instrumental pieces inspired by texts by different authors that highlight the music-poetry binomial from the saxophone-piano or saxophone-electronics binomial. Carlos Zaragoza wanted to bring together in his first album a collection of “songs without words” from 20th and 21st century  signed by André Caplet, Paul Hindemith, Orlando Bass, Vincent David and Luis Naón. The velvety timbre of the alto or soprano saxophone, the presence of air in the sound emission and the eminently lyrical writing of the five scores give an aura of vocality to all the performances.

Carlos ZARAGOZA (saxophones)

Kishin NAGAI (piano)

Recorded with IBS CLASSICAL in 2022

_JBM0018 copie.jpg

1.  Le vieux coffret - André CAPLET

2. Sonate for alto saxophone - Paul HINDEMITH

3. ...Y... - Vincent DAVID

4. Five Verses - Orlando BASS

5. Senderos...que bifurcan - Luis NAÓN

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